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Scouting Report: 2022 C Dylan Anderson

By Kendyl Provost, Jr., 08/27/20, 3:20PM CDT



Offensive Role: Floor Spacer


Stretch big with good overall skill. Good shooter. Gets separation with elevation on his jump shot. High, untouchable release. Clean stroke allows him to get his shot off by taking one dribble if necessary. Excellent pick and pop player. Sets sturdy, effective screens. Relocates well thanks to his footwork as a popper. Floods out to the 3pt line to create open looks for himself. This also opens up the paint for guards. Acquires post position out of a screen and roll. Can get the hook shot whenever he wants. Decent passer from a set position. Passes well out of double teams and in high low situations. 



Dangerously toying with the idea of being a wing player. Not at all the ball handler he tries to be at 6’11.” Ball leaves him when attempting to push the ball down court. Loses control of the ball often when gathering. Needs to fill a simple role as a floor spacer and become a more efficient rim runner. Too many leak out threes in transition. Just not a dominant force inside. Not the athlete to win by way of quickness and strength. Not very creative as a post player. Needs to add counters and fakes. Struggles to finish over smaller players.


Defensive Role: Team / Awareness


Solid defensive player with a team presence. Not an anchor but he’s light on his feet and makes smart rotations. Uses the baseline as his friend. Nice job of cut offs and forcing re-directions. Helps on high cutters when necessary. Can protect the rim a bit although he’s not a high level rim protector. Reacts well to what he sees. Keeps his head on a swivel and communicates. Not someone who loses his man because of not paying attention. Grabs rebounds are its high point.


Although he’s nimble on his feet, he’s not particularly quick. This is where lack of explosiveness out of a stand still limits his upside. Rim protection is more so timing than athleticism. Would like him to make some subtle improvements with his shot contests. 1) he doesn’t put his hand up high enough or 2) he doesn’t get close enough. Not many mistakes being made but not an overwhelming impact either.


Solid frame for a big still growing into his body. Appears to have Average length. Runs the floor well. In conditioned shape. Fairly fast in a straight line. Especially in pursuit of offensive rebounds. Covers ground laterally. Not a great vertical athlete.

Additional Info:

Swing factors: Inside play, rim running, true rim-protection

Mentality overview: Prefers to plays outside rather than in. Floats from time to time. 

Grade: High Major

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