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NOW LIVE: 2023-24 HS Preseason Top-30 Rankings

By The Circuit, 10/30/23, 3:15PM EDT


The high school season is now upon us and our team at The Circuit has put together out Top 30 Preseason rankings. 

The rankings were put together by a combination of factors; returning players, strength of schedule, scouting each individual member of the team, coaching, and more.

This season we decided to evaluate teams all together, regardless of prep affiliation. Public, Prep, and Overtime Elite teams are all combined into one set of Power 30 rankings. 

If a team has a roster full of college-eligible players, they are able to be ranked. 

There are friendly-faces in the first iteration of the 2023-24 rankings, as well as some teams on-the-rise.

Every week during the high school season, our rankings will be updated with the latest wins, losses, and new teams. 

Below, take a look at our first edition of our rankings with a breakdown of each team.

#1 Link Academy (MO)

Link Academy, the 2023 Geico National champions, had a nearly flawless season last year finishing at 27-1. Things will look a little different this year after graduating their star-studded duo of Elliot Cadeau and Ja’Kobe Walter. Luckily head coach Bill Armstrong is bringing in one of the most talented transfer classes in the entire country. The biggest name of the bunch is none other than Tre Johson who is a consensus top 5 player in the country. The 6’6 shooting guard is an elite shot-maker that plays with a ton of confidence. He’s effective scoring off the dribble and on the catch. Johnson has a good looking jumper with a high release point which allows him to get it off over the top of defenders. He has great footwork and is a fluid player that doesn’t use much of any wasted movement. Johnson plays at his own pace and is hard to stop from getting to his spots. He also has good vision as a passer and is able to get easy buckets for his teammates as he draws a lot of attention to himself. Joining Johnson in Link Academy’s back court is fellow senior and Kansas commit, Labaron Philon. Philon is a 6’4 point guard that plays with a lot of unselfishness. He is a true point guard that can facilitate the offense and get his teammates involved. Philon is smart with the ball in his hands and does not turn it over much. He’s extremely quick and shifty which creates space for him to attack the rim. Philon has a great handle and uses it to penetrate inside where he is able to score in the paint or kick out to open teammates. He’s also solid on the defensive end. Philon has good anticipation and gets in passing lanes for easy steals and fast break opportunities. Link has a great one-two punch with Johnson and Philon and will have one of the most talented back courts in the entire country.

#2 Montverde Academy (FL)

Montverde Academy, situated in picturesque Montverde, Florida, stands as a bastion of excellence in high school basketball. Renowned for its rich history of success and player development, this institution has consistently produced top-tier basketball talent. In this write-up, we'll delve into the stars and supporting cast who epitomize the Montverde basketball legacy. Cooper Flagg, a name synonymous with excellence on the basketball court, currently holds the title of the number one player in the country. His prodigious talent and unmatched skills have garnered the attention of college recruiters and NBA scouts alike. Flagg's ability to command the game with exceptional ball-handling, court vision, and scoring prowess sets him apart as a transcendent talent. His presence on Montverde's roster promises to elevate the team to new heights. Liam McNeely, a returning star on the Montverde roster, exemplifies versatility in basketball. Standing tall at 6 '9", McNeely's athleticism and basketball IQ allow him to dominate both ends of the court. His presence in the paint, shot-blocking ability, and scoring prowess make him a formidable force. McNeely's return signals continuity and strength for Montverde Academy. Derik Queen is a returning player whose basketball IQ is second to none. As a point forward, his court vision and precision passing create scoring opportunities for his teammates. Queen's ability to control the tempo of the game and make crucial decisions in high-pressure situations make him an indispensable asset to Montverde's success.

#3 Prolific Prep (CA)

When it comes to high school basketball powerhouses, Prolific Prep stands out as a true heavyweight in the field. Nestled in Napa, California, this basketball academy has consistently produced some of the most promising talents in the sport. In recent years, the program has been making waves with not one but two star players that are destined for greatness: AJ Dybantsa and Tyran Stokes. At 6'9", AJ Dybantsa is a force to be reckoned with on the court. Born in 2007, Dybantsa is the undisputed number one ranked player in the class of 2025. His combination of size, skill, and athleticism makes him a standout player in his age group. Known for his shot-blocking ability and versatility in the frontcourt, Dybantsa's presence in the paint is often a game-changer. He possesses the rare ability to dominate on both ends of the floor, and his future in the sport looks exceedingly bright. Standing at 6'7", Tyran Stokes is another budding star on the Prolific Prep roster. Born in 2008, Stokes holds the distinction of being the number one player in the class of 2026. His remarkable blend of size and agility, combined with an impressive basketball IQ, makes him a standout prospect for the future. Stokes's versatility on the court, his scoring ability, and his tenacity on defense have scouts and fans alike excited about what lies ahead.

#4 Paul VI (VA)

Paul VI High School, located in Fairfax, Virginia, boasts an impressive basketball program that has gained recognition for its exceptional talent and commitment to excellence on the court. The team's roster includes standout players who have already committed to top-tier college basketball programs, setting high expectations for the upcoming season. One of the returning stars of the Paul VI basketball program is sharpshooter Darren Harris, who has committed to Duke University. Harris has consistently demonstrated his prowess as a long-range shooter, making him a vital asset to the team. His ability to hit three-pointers with consistency not only provides crucial scoring opportunities for the Panthers but also creates space for his teammates to exploit. With his commitment to Duke, Harris has a bright future ahead of him, and his skill set will undoubtedly contribute to the Blue Devils' success. Another exciting prospect on the Paul VI roster is Isaiah Abraham, a versatile wing player who has committed to the University of Connecticut. Abraham's game is characterized by his ability to do it all. Whether it's scoring, rebounding, or playing tough defense, Abraham consistently makes a significant impact on the court. His well-rounded skills and versatility make him a force to be reckoned with, and UConn is getting a player who will contribute on both ends of the floor. With standout talents like Darren Harris and Isaiah Abraham leading the way, Paul VI's basketball program is poised for a successful season. Their commitment to their respective college programs highlights the strong foundation of skills and determination instilled by the Paul VI coaching staff. As the Panthers take the court, they'll undoubtedly continue to impress fans and scouts alike with their exceptional abilities and promising futures in the world of college basketball.

#5 IMG Academy (FL)

IMG Academy, located in Bradenton, Florida, has gained a reputation as one of the premier sports academies in the United States. With state-of-the-art facilities and world-class coaching staff, IMG Academy has consistently produced top-tier athletes across various sports. In this write-up, we'll delve into some of the rising stars at IMG Academy, including returner Khani Rooths, emerging talent Darius Acuff Jr., and Syracuse commit Donnie Freeman. Khani Rooths, a highly-touted basketball prospect, has become a household name at IMG Academy. His remarkable skills and leadership on the court have made him an integral part of the team's success. As a returner, Rooths brings experience and a winning mentality to the squad. His ability to dominate both ends of the floor, coupled with his basketball IQ, makes him a force to be reckoned with. Rooths' dedication to honing his craft is evident in his work ethic and relentless pursuit of improvement. He is known for his clutch performances in high-pressure situations, a quality that sets him apart from his peers. Rooths is not only a star player but also a mentor to the younger talents at IMG Academy, serving as an inspiration for aspiring basketball players. Darius Acuff Jr. has taken the basketball world by storm in his debut season at IMG Academy. Heralded as the best point guard in the country, Acuff's electrifying style of play has captivated fans and scouts alike. His lightning-quick handles, court vision, and ability to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates make him a standout player. Despite being in his first season at IMG Academy, Acuff's impact on the team has been nothing short of spectacular. He seamlessly transitioned into a leadership role and has consistently delivered clutch performances. His ability to take control of games in critical moments has elevated IMG Academy's status as a basketball powerhouse. As Acuff continues to develop his game under the expert guidance of IMG Academy's coaching staff, the basketball world eagerly anticipates his future in the sport. His journey to the top is just beginning, and he is undoubtedly a player to watch closely. Donnie Freeman's decision to join IMG Academy for his senior year has created quite a buzz in the basketball community. The Syracuse commit brings an impressive skill set and a winning mentality to the team. Freeman's commitment to excellence has earned him a place among the most promising young talents in the country.

#6 RWE (OTE League)

RWE, a team proudly representing the Overtime Elite League, has garnered significant attention and recognition within the realm of high school basketball. This squad boasts an array of exceptional talents, with two standout players who are poised to make a significant impact both in the OT League and beyond. One of RWE's most promising assets is Kentucky commit Somto Cyril, a formidable presence in the paint and one of the best shot-blocking big men in the country. At a time when rim protection is a coveted skill in basketball, Cyril's ability to swat away opponents' attempts with authority sets him apart. His defensive prowess, combined with his presence on the boards and developing offensive game, makes him a highly sought-after prospect for the Wildcats. Kentucky fans have reason to be excited, as Cyril's commitment promises to bolster their interior defense and add an imposing presence in the paint. Karter Knox, a top-ten ranked small forward, is another electrifying talent within the RWE lineup. Knox is known for his lethal scoring ability, capable of lighting up the scoreboard in various ways. His versatility, quick first step, and knack for getting to the basket make him a nightmare for defenders. Whether it's draining threes from beyond the arc, slashing to the rim, or creating opportunities for his teammates, Knox's offensive repertoire is truly dynamic. College scouts and fans alike are closely monitoring his development, as his scoring prowess and basketball IQ make him a highly coveted prospect for the future. With the likes of Somto Cyril and Karter Knox in their ranks, RWE has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the Overtime Elite League. These two exceptional talents not only contribute to the team's success but also exemplify the league's mission of developing young basketball stars. As they continue to hone their skills and rise through the ranks, the future looks exceedingly bright for both RWE and the players who call it home.

#7 Long Island Lutheran (NY)

Coming off his junior year being named NIBC player of the year, VJ Edgecombe returns for the Crusaders looking to continue his success in the toughest league in the country. VJ is a consensus 5 star and top 10 player in the class of 2024. Not only was he POY but he also led the league in scoring. VJ is an explosive athlete that gets to the rim and also shoots the three ball very efficiently. But VJ is not only a scorer, he’s a star on both ends of the floor. Defensively, he can lock down the opposing team's lead guard. Luhi also added some key transfers including Kiyan Anthony and Alier Maluk. After transferring mid-season from Christ the King, Kiyan looks to prove himself in the NIBC and show that he is not just the son of NBA legend Carmelo Anthony, but he is a star in his own right. Kiyan is a bucket getter with deep range from outside the arc. Transferring in from Imani Christian Academy (PA), Alier Maluk brings some much-needed size and length to the Crusaders front court. Maluk is a big-time athlete that will defend the rim and crash the boards. 

#8 Columbus (FL)

The Columbus Explorers are a high school basketball team that has gained considerable attention in recent years, largely due to their remarkable talent pool, including the dynamic duo of Cameron and Cayden Boozer, and the high-flying guard Jase Richardson. These players have not only captured the imagination of basketball enthusiasts but have also proven that they are the future of the sport. Cameron Boozer, a top-five ranked player in the 2025 class, is a name that resonates with anyone following high school basketball closely. Standing at 6'10" and weighing 235 pounds, Cameron is a versatile forward with a skill set that appears NBA-ready. His ability to dominate both inside and out makes him a rare talent. Cameron possesses excellent ball-handling skills for his size, a deadly three-point shot, and an uncanny knack for finishing around the rim. He's a force on the boards and a menace on the defensive end, making him one of the most well-rounded high school prospects in recent memory. His work ethic and leadership qualities have also made him a standout figure on and off the court. Cayden Boozer, Cameron's younger brother, is no less impressive. Ranked among the top-30 prospects in the 2025 class, Cayden brings a different dimension to the Explorers' game. At 6'4" with exceptional ball-handling and scoring ability, he is a versatile guard capable of running the offense and taking over a game when needed. His deep three-point range and court vision make him a constant scoring threat, while his defensive prowess adds another layer to his game. Cayden's partnership with his older brother on the court creates a dynamic that is both formidable and entertaining to watch, showcasing the incredible chemistry between the Boozer Twins. Jase Richardson adds an explosive element to the Columbus Explorers. The high-flying guard and Michigan State commit has consistently wowed fans with his athleticism and ability to make highlight-reel dunks. Standing at 6'5," Richardson is a dynamic playmaker who excels in transition and is known for his electrifying finishes at the rim. His commitment to Michigan State speaks volumes about his potential at the college level and beyond. With a work ethic to match his athletic gifts, Richardson has a bright future in the game.

#9 Cold Hearts (OTE League)

In the world of elite basketball, there are players who capture the hearts of fans and pundits alike with their skill, passion, and dedication to the game. Two such players in the Overtime Elite league, John Bol and Mikel Brown Jr, are making waves with their extraordinary talents and relentless work ethics. Their cold hearts on the court are not a sign of apathy, but rather an unwavering focus on success that is bound to set the league on fire. Let's take a closer look at these two rising stars who are poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of basketball. Standing at a towering 7'0" and with a wingspan that seems to stretch to infinity, John Bol is an Ole Miss commit and a true force to be reckoned with on the basketball court. Bol's presence in the paint is nothing short of intimidating, and his motor seemingly never stops. This young center is a marvel to watch, combining raw athleticism with a strong work ethic, and he leaves everything on the hardwood. What makes Bol unique is not just his size, but his agility and versatility as a player. He can dominate the boards with ease, swat away shots as if it's second nature, and his offensive game continues to evolve. Bol is not content with just blocking shots and grabbing rebounds; he is honing his post moves and expanding his range, making him a threat from anywhere on the floor. His cold heart beats for victory, and he will stop at nothing to lead his team to success. Mikel Brown Jr is the epitome of a shifty and creative guard who possesses the leadership qualities necessary to guide his team on the floor. While John Bol dominates in the paint, Brown Jr is the maestro orchestrating plays and creating opportunities for his team. His shrewd ball-handling skills are complemented by an uncanny ability to read the game and react swiftly to changing situations. Brown Jr's cold heart isn't about indifference; it's about a focused, unwavering determination to excel. He has an innate sense of when to drive to the basket, when to distribute the ball, and when to step up and take the big shot. His quick decision-making and deft passing are characteristics that elevate his game, making him a player to watch in the league.

#10 AZ Compass Prep

In the world of high school basketball, few stories captivate fans quite like the meteoric rise of AZ Compass Prep under the guidance of their first-year head coach, Pete Kaffey. Known for his strategic acumen and a deep passion for the game, Kaffey has brought a new era of excitement and success to the program. This write-up explores the remarkable journey of AZ Compass Prep and the standout players that make them a force to be reckoned with on the court. Coach Pete Kaffey's impact on AZ Compass Prep cannot be overstated. In just one year at the helm, he has instilled a winning culture, refined the team's playing style, and maximized the potential of his talented players. Kaffey's dedication to player development, tactical acumen, and his ability to connect with young athletes has been pivotal in the team's resurgence. Under Kaffey's leadership, AZ Compass Prep has evolved into a well-oiled machine on both ends of the floor. His commitment to defense, teamwork, and individual growth has cultivated a dynamic team that is now a formidable force in high school basketball. At the heart of AZ Compass Prep's success stands Jeremiah Fears, a 6'3 combo guard with a reputation for being incredibly crafty with the ball in his hands. Fears possesses a unique blend of athleticism, court vision, and a keen basketball IQ that allows him to impact the game in multiple ways. He's not only a scoring machine but also a playmaker who can facilitate the offense when needed. Fears' ability to break down defenses, create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates, and finish at the rim with finesse has made him a pivotal player for AZ Compass Prep. He's a player who thrives under pressure, and his clutch performances have often been the difference-maker in tight contests. Fears embodies the modern basketball player with his versatility and the ability to adapt to various roles on the floor, making him a prospect to watch in the coming years. Another star in AZ Compass Prep's arsenal is Jamari Phillips, a 6'3 shooting guard who turned heads with his outstanding offensive performances during the EYBL season with Paul George Elite (CA). Phillips is a pure scorer, known for his sharpshooting, quick release, and ability to light up the scoreboard in a hurry. His combination of size, athleticism, and scoring ability makes him a valuable asset for AZ Compass Prep. Phillips' remarkable offensive arsenal doesn't end with his shooting skills. He's a well-rounded player who can drive to the basket, create his own shot, and excel in transition. His ability to stretch the floor and his knack for hitting clutch shots have made him a reliable scorer for AZ Compass Prep, and he complements Jeremiah Fears exceptionally well in their backcourt duo.

#11 La Lumiere (IN)

In the heart of Indiana, the La Lumiere Lakers are gearing up for a remarkable basketball season. Led by Head Coach Patrick Holmes, this year's team promises to be a powerhouse with a reloaded roster that has fans buzzing with excitement. Coach Patrick Holmes is the heartbeat of the La Lumiere Lakers. With an impressive track record and a deep understanding of the game, Holmes has cultivated a winning culture at La Lumiere. His dedication to nurturing young talent and instilling values of teamwork and discipline has set the Lakers on a path to greatness. Under Holmes' leadership, La Lumiere has become a nationally recognized basketball program. His unwavering commitment to player development has produced a consistent stream of top-tier athletes who go on to make their mark in college and beyond. Holmes is not just a coach; he's a mentor, helping his players achieve their full potential on and off the court. Every new season brings fresh faces and a renewed sense of hope, but the 2025 La Lumiere Lakers roster has garnered more attention than usual. This year's team features a mix of seasoned veterans and exciting young prospects, making it a formidable force in high school basketball. In the backcourt, two names stand out: Darius Adams and Jalen Haralson. These talented guards have taken the high school basketball world by storm with their impressive skills and basketball IQ. Adams is a scoring machine with a deadly three-point shot, while Haralson's ball-handling and court vision are second to none. The chemistry between these two young stars promises to be a key factor in La Lumiere's success this season.Darius Adams and Jalen Haralson are not just your typical high school guards; they are the future of basketball. The 2025 season has provided them with an opportunity to showcase their talents, and they've seized it with both hands. Darius Adams, often referred to as the "Silent Assassin" by fans, is a scoring machine. His ability to create his own shot and knock down threes from well beyond the arc has left defenders scratching their heads. Adams' work ethic and dedication to his craft are evident in his precision on the court, making him a nightmare for opposing defenses. On the other hand, Jalen Haralson is a point guard with a natural gift for orchestrating the game. His court vision is reminiscent of some of the greats, and he has an uncanny ability to find open teammates in the blink of an eye. Haralson's combination of ball-handling, passing, and defensive skills has earned him a reputation as a rising star in the world of high school basketball. 

No. 12 Wasatch Academy (UT)

Wasatch Academy, located in Mount Pleasant, Utah, has quickly emerged as a basketball powerhouse in the high school circuit. Under the guidance of Head Coach Paul Peterson, the school's basketball program has become synonymous with excellence and player development. With star players like Ohio State commit John Mobley and top-10 player in his class Isiah Harwell, the Wasatch Academy Tigers have become a force to be reckoned with in the high school basketball world. Behind every successful team, there's a visionary leader, and for Wasatch Academy, that leader is Head Coach Paul Peterson. Peterson has played an instrumental role in shaping the Wasatch Academy basketball program into a national powerhouse. His coaching philosophy emphasizes discipline, teamwork, and individual player development, which has been pivotal in nurturing the talents of players like John Mobley and Isiah Harwell.  John Mobley is a name that resonates throughout the high school basketball community. The Ohio State commit is widely regarded as one of the best shooting guards in the country. Mobley possesses a unique blend of skills that make him a scoring machine. He has a silky-smooth jump shot, excellent ball-handling ability, and an uncanny ability to create his own shot. His athleticism and defensive prowess also make him a standout prospect. Mobley's commitment to Ohio State signifies his readiness to compete at the highest level of college basketball, and his journey began at Wasatch Academy. Isiah Harwell is another gem in the Wasatch Academy lineup. As a top-10 player in his class, he is considered one of the most dynamic two-way guards in the country. Harwell's versatility sets him apart, as he can dominate on both ends of the floor. He showcases exceptional ball-handling skills, a sharp basketball IQ, and the ability to impact the game through scoring, playmaking, and defense. His tenacity and work ethic have turned him into a coveted prospect among college basketball programs. Isiah Harwell's presence on the Wasatch Academy roster adds depth and firepower to an already formidable team.

#13 City Reapers (OTE League)

In the world of basketball, the Overtime Elite League (OTE) has become a breeding ground for young talent, nurturing the stars of tomorrow. Among the rising teams in this league, the City Reapers have quickly emerged as a force to be reckoned with. This squad, led by high-flying forward Jahki Howard and the versatile 5-star dual forward Bryson Tiller, is redefining the game with their remarkable skills, teamwork, and dedication. Jahki Howard, the High-Flying Forward: Jahki Howard is a name that basketball enthusiasts are starting to pay attention to. This high-flying forward possesses a unique blend of athleticism, power, and finesse. Standing at 6'7" and weighing 215 pounds, Howard is a dynamic player who can seamlessly transition between playing above the rim and delivering precision three-pointers. His combination of speed and agility is a nightmare for defenders, making it almost impossible to contain his explosive drives to the basket. But it's not just Howard's physical attributes that make him stand out. His basketball IQ and work ethic are equally impressive. He's often the first one on the court and the last one to leave, putting in the extra hours to perfect his craft. This dedication is evident in his improved defensive abilities and his ability to read the game, making him a vital asset to the Reapers on both ends of the floor. Bryson Tiller, the 5-Star Dual Forward: Bryson Tiller is a rare breed of player in the OTE. As a dual forward, he has the ability to switch seamlessly between the power forward and small forward positions, making him a matchup nightmare for opponents. Standing at 6'9" and weighing 220 pounds, Tiller boasts incredible versatility, making him a pivotal asset in the Reapers' lineup. Tiller's 5-star status as a recruit was well-earned, as he possesses a unique combination of size, athleticism, and basketball IQ. His rebounding skills are a cornerstone of his game, and he's known for grabbing crucial offensive boards that lead to second-chance points. Additionally, his three-point shooting and ball-handling abilities are above par, allowing him to stretch the floor and create opportunities for his teammates

#14 Oak Hill Academy (VA)

Micah Robinson, a versatile and explosive player, returns as a cornerstone of the Oak Hill Academy team. Standing at 6'7", Robinson's combination of athleticism, basketball IQ, and scoring ability makes him a force to be reckoned with. His leadership on and off the court will be invaluable as the Warriors strive for another successful season. Hailing from Texas, Francis Chukwudebelu has already generated considerable buzz in the high school basketball scene. Standing at 6'11", Chukwudebelu possesses the physical tools to dominate in the paint. His shot-blocking prowess and rebounding ability will bolster Oak Hill Academy's defense, while his offensive skills continue to develop. As a 4-star recruit, his presence in the frontcourt is a significant addition to the team. Christian Anderson, a standout point guard committed to the University of Michigan, brings his playmaking skills and court vision to Oak Hill Academy this season. Anderson's ability to control the tempo of the game, distribute the ball effectively, and score when needed, adds a crucial dimension to the team's offense. His commitment to excellence mirrors Oak Hill Academy's commitment to producing top-tier talent. Yerrick Stoneman, the head coach of the Oak Hill Academy Warriors, is the driving force behind the program's continued success. His extensive coaching experience and dedication to player development have led to numerous championships and the development of NBA stars. Coach Stoneman's ability to instill discipline, teamwork, and a winning mentality in his players is the foundation of the academy's basketball dynasty.

#15 Putnam Science Academy (CT)

Putnam Science Academy (PSA) is undeniably one of the best prep schools in the country when it comes to fostering basketball talent and academic excellence. Located in Putnam, Connecticut, PSA has gained a stellar reputation for its comprehensive and holistic approach to student-athletes' development. The academy is known for its commitment to excellence both on and off the court. One of the standout players at Putnam Science Academy is Ben Ahmed, a 6'9 power forward who has made a significant impact on both sides of the ball. With a remarkable combination of size, skill, and athleticism, Ahmed is a force to be reckoned with in high school basketball circles.  Ben Ahmed has quickly become a standout player at Putnam Science Academy. As a 6'9 power forward, he possesses an impressive combination of size and skill. On the offensive end, Ahmed can dominate in the post, drive to the basket, and even shoot from beyond the arc. His versatility and scoring ability make him a formidable presence for any opposing team. But it's not just about offense for Ahmed. He's equally impactful on the defensive end. His size and agility allow him to block shots, grab rebounds, and disrupt opponents' plays. His two-way ability makes him a critical asset for Putnam Science Academy, and he's undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with on both sides of the ball.

16 OSL Jelly Fam (NY)
17 Brewster Academy (NH)
18 Dream City Christian (AZ)
19 Combine Academy (NC)
20 South Kent (CT)
21 Myers Park (NC)
22 McEachern (GA)
23 Faith Family (TX)
24 Huntington Prep (WV)
25 Bishop O'Connell (VA)
26 Harvard-Westlake (CA)
27 Oak Ridge (FL)
28 St. Thomas More (CT)
29 Bradford Christian (MA)
30 Grayson (GA)