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2024 5-Star Cooper Flagg commits to Duke

By Alex Karamanos, 10/30/23, 11:00AM EDT


In an exciting announcement this morning, Cooper Flagg, the number one basketball talent from the 2024 class, confirmed his commitment to Duke University. Flagg's journey from his humble beginnings in Maine to becoming the number one player in his class is a testament to his incredible work ethic and dedication to the game. Beginning in the spring of 2019, the roar about Cooper Flagg started to buzz. From then until now, it has been constant improvements from Flagg in his abilities on the court, becoming the best high school basketball player in the world. 

From Maine to Stardom

Cooper Flagg's story begins in the picturesque state of Maine. Growing up in a small town, he honed his skills in local parks and gyms. His passion for the game and relentless work ethic set him apart from his peers from an early age. This commitment to improvement led him to join the Maine United program, where he made a name for himself in the competitive Nike EYBL (Elite Youth Basketball League).

Nike EYBL Success

Flagg's performances with Maine United in the Nike EYBL made scouts and fans take notice. He consistently showcased his scoring ability, court vision, and defensive prowess, quickly becoming a sought-after prospect on the national stage. His journey through grassroots basketball paved the way for his ascent to the top of the 2024 class. Over the course of his 16U season this past spring and summer, Flagg managed to averaged 26.9 PPG, 11.9 RPG, 4.7 APG in about 30 minutes of action. 

Transition to Montverde Academy (FL)

To further develop his skills and face tougher competition, Flagg decided to make the big move to Montverde Academy in Florida. Montverde, known for producing elite basketball talents, was the perfect place for Flagg to take his game to the next level. Under the guidance of experienced coaches and alongside other top prospects, he continued to refine his game and mature as a player.

A Versatile Force

Flagg is a player with a diverse skill set that allows him to impact every facet of the game. On the offensive end, he possesses a deadly combination of speed, ball-handling, and scoring ability. His deep range shooting, explosive drives to the basket, and ability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates make him a nightmare for defenders.

Defensively, Flagg's tenacity and quick hands make him a menace on the perimeter. His anticipation and ability to disrupt passing lanes contribute to his team's defensive success. Additionally, his athleticism and hustle on the boards show his commitment to making an impact on both sides of the floor.

What Cooper Flagg Brings to Duke

Cooper Flagg's commitment to Duke is a significant coup for the Blue Devils and their storied basketball program. Duke has a long history of producing NBA stars, and Flagg's arrival promises to continue that tradition. He brings versatility, leadership, and a winning mentality to the team.

His ability to play and excel in various positions on the court is a testament to his adaptability and basketball IQ. Whether it's as a point guard orchestrating the offense or as a dynamic scoring threat from the wing, Flagg's versatility makes him an invaluable asset to any team.

Flagg's commitment to Duke is not only a testament to his hard work but also to the prestigious basketball program's ability to attract top talent. Coach Mike Krzyzewski's guidance, combined with Duke's history of excellence, will undoubtedly help Flagg continue to develop into a well-rounded player and a future NBA star.

In conclusion, Cooper Flagg's journey from Maine to becoming the top player in the 2024 class and his commitment to Duke is a remarkable story of perseverance, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. His versatility on the court and leadership qualities make him a game-changer for Duke, and fans eagerly anticipate his future contributions to the Blue Devils' storied basketball legacy.