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2023 5-Star Kentucky Commit Justin Edwards: Exclusive Interview

By Alex Karamanos, 08/19/22, 3:15PM CDT


Justin Edwards, a top five prospect in the class of 2023, committed to Head Coach John Calipari and Kentucky on July 25th. 

Edwards had an outstanding grassroots season with Team Final, helping them on their exciting run in bracket play at Nike EYBL Peach Jam. 

In this interview, Edwards breaks down his time with Team Final, his commitment to Kentucky, who he is trying to recruit, his time at the Steph Curry camp, and more.

Talk about your time with Team Final (PA)

Justin Edwards: "It was good, I built a lot of great relationships and made a lot of good memories with Team Final (PA) from last year to this year. They really pushed me to be a better player."

Going into this past grassroots season, what was a part of your game that you wanted to improve?

Justin Edwards: "My defense. I look and read when people write articles about me, I look at the little things that they say I have to improve on. Getting stronger and being more focused on defense. I feel like I got better on defense this year and focused more on that."

What was your most memorable moment/game from this past grassroots season?

Justin Edwards: "I would say the game against Team Durant. Even though we didn't win, it was just one of those games. Just the atmosphere and how we lost is something that I can't forget."

Talk about your experience at Steph Curry's camp

Justin Edwards: "That was probably the best camp that I went too. Just off him being there and interacting with us, giving us pointers on basketball, and he himself playing with us was really great. I asked him what he did to become a better shooter, just the little stuff that makes him the player that he is."

How was the UA Elite 24 game?

Justin Edwards: "It was good, just off me playing against the top guys in the country, that made me better as a player. Stuff to do against certain guys and what not to do. Just getting invited, the history that game has, it was a honor."

Kentucky Commitment

You committed to Kentucky on July 25th, What does it feel like to be committed going into your senior year?

Justin Edwards: "It's good, it relieves a lot of stress. Like I said before I wasn't myself during the recruitment process cause there were so many schools telling me so much stuff, they were all telling me what I wanted to hear. One I committed I was able to be myself."

What have your conversations with Coach Calipari been like?

Justin Edwards: "Me going there and being myself. In my class, the class that he is recruiting, there is no other guy that does what I do. I feel like I can go in and do what I do but still get better at the little things."

What would you say you are going to bring to the table in your freshman season at Kentucky?

Justin Edwards: "A winning mentality and getting myself and my teammates better also."

Kentucky is know for producing pros, was that one of the deciding factors that went into your decision?

Justin Edwards: "It was a little bit. The main reason was just me following my dreams. I set a goal for myself as a younger kid that I wanted to play for Kentucky and I just achieved one of my goals."

In the 2023 class, are there some guys you are actively recruiting to come play at Kentucky with you?

Justin Edwards: "Aaron Bradshaw and I'm trying to get DJ Wagner, they are like a package deal"