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2024 5-Star Tre Johnson: Exclusive Interview

By Alex Karamanos, 08/18/22, 6:15PM CDT


Tre Johnson, a top five ranked player in the class of 2024 is one of the most elite players in the entire country. His skill set, IQ, and play making abilities allow him to showcase all levels of his game consistently. 

Johnson has picked offers up from schools such as Kentucky, North Carolina, Auburn, Arkansas, Duke, and many others

In this interview, Johnson breaks down his summer with Team Griffin, his overall game, and how the recruitment process has been going for him. 

You had a really impressive summer with Team Griffin on the EYBL Circuit. Talk about your time with them

Tre Johnson: "It was good, really fun and exciting. Just being able to play with those guys and win games and play in front of college coaches and NBA Scouts."

What did you learn the most from this past grassroots season?

Tre Johnson: "I learned that sometimes I may struggle not being on the ball a lot. I just learned how to develop and how to play without permanently having the ball in my hands and playing without it."

You are going into your junior season at Lake Highlands (TX), what are you most excited about?

Tre Johnson: "Just having the experience with these guys, this will be our second time playing with each other. We lost a few seniors but we have our main core guys. Just excited for the run and trying to win state."

Goals for you junior season?

Tre Johnson: "Some personal goals would be to try work on different things. I know I can score the ball, but I want to try to get a certain amount of rebounds per game and a certain amount off assists per game. Just working on different things so I can always try and become a better player at all times."


You have offers from schools such as North Carolina, Arkansas, Kentucky, Duke, Florida State, and Auburn. What was it like receiving offers from these prestigious schools?

Tre Johnson: "It was amazing because those schools are like dream schools. For them to have interest in me and to offer me is such a blessing."

What schools are reaching out to you the most?

Tre Johnson: "The most, I know Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, Gonzaga, Arkansas, Kansas, LSU, Florida State, Texas, Baylor, and Stanford. Those are the main schools that have been hitting me up."

What are the conversations like with the coaching staffs that reach out to you?

Tre Johnson: "They all are pretty much the same conversations. They want me to come and be a one and done. That they can help me bring my game to the next level. Just come to their program for eight months then go thrive in the NBA."

What is so eye catching about these schools that have offered you?

Tre Johnson: "Just the history and culture of winning. Schools like Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, and Gonzaga, they are all schools that make deep runs in the tournament, have won the tournament, and have players that go high in the draft."

Is the pro route an option for you?

Tre Johnson: "I am open to anything. I went on a visit to the Overtime Elite Facility a couple months ago and I am in contact with the head coach of the G-League Ignite team. Any option that is best for me to go as high as I can in the draft and be able to succeed and thrive in the NBA."