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2023 4-Star Kaden Cooper: Exclusive Interview

By Alex Karamanos, 08/15/22, 6:45PM CDT


Kaden Cooper watched his recruitment take off this spring and summer playing with Team Trae young (OK) on the adidas 3SSB Circuit. 

Cooper released his top ten schools on July 30th. LSU, Kansas State, Kansas, Gonzaga, Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Memphis, and Georgia Tech made the cut.

Below, Cooper breaks down his top ten schools, his time with Team Trae young, and his upcoming senior season at The Skill Factory

Talk about this spring and summer with Team Trae young (OK)

Kaden Cooper: "It was very unexpected but very much a blessing. It was kinda hectic. It was a learning experience with everything I accomplished and everything that I went through."

What did you work on the most this grassroots season?

Kaden Cooper: "Definitely my ball handling and my shot. My shot the most. As a player trying to get to the next level you really need to be able to shoot the ball so that is something that I focused in on a lot and got a lot better at." 

What was it like playing in front of tons of coaches during the live period events?

Kaden Cooper: "For me it was it was a little bit of motivation, but I tried not to worry about it too much. I look at everyone is the gym watching me as the same person, whether that is a parent or a coach it doesn't really matter. If you love the game you will play the same way. It wasn't really something that startled me or made me feel some type of way." 

You will be returning back to The Skill Factory (GA) for your senior season, how have they helped you take your game to another level?

Kaden Cooper: "Being with them, it was great. They taught me a lot of new things that I needed to expand my game. They did a great job developing me and working with me. I feel like it was a great first experience at a prep school."


What did it feel like trimming your list of schools down to ten?

Kaden Cooper: "Nothing throughout this process has been easy, so it was definitely something that I had to pray about really be sure with myself that this is what I want to do.I think those ten schools fit me pretty well.

Breakdown each of the ten remaining schools involved in your recruitment

Oklahoma: " They really love me. I am the home state kid. It is really their job to keep me in state and that is what they are big on. They want me to be that guy, helping them win a championship." 

Georgia Tech: " They see me as a big, versatile wing that can come in and play right away and make a big impact. Definitely help their team reach new heights." 

Memphis: They look at me as a versatile guard that can push the ball up the floor and hit open shots in transition. The coaching staff is great, they seem loving. They take pride in their program and their team. They love basketball."

Oklahoma State: "Coach Boynton wants to keep me in state and help them win another championship."

Texas: "They are kind of big on me. They see me as a big impact player. Come in my first year and make some noise. Really just develop and become the player that I can be. The coaching staff is great, they are loving. They are big on culture. The Texas culture is crazy. They take a lot of pride in basketball and it goes a long way."

Gonzaga: "I am a top priority is what I have been told. On my visit, it was great. The coaches really love the players, it is a family culture. 

Kansas: "They are a great team, they just won the natty. Coach Self sees me a potential big time player. He likes to compare me to Agbaji which I could see. They want to help me develop my shot, my ball handling, my guard skills, to help me get to the level that I need."

Kansas State: "They are very big on me. The coaches, they love my dog mentality. They love my versatility, how I can rebound and then push the ball. The coaches have talked to me a lot about coming in early and playing a really big role on the team."

LSU: "The coaching staff is great. I talk to all the coaches. I love their energy and the way they coach. They play fast and get up and down the floor. They see me as a guy coming in early and playing on the ball. They also want to develop me for the next step. 

Alabama: "They think I fit their play style very well. They love that I’m a versatile wing and can make plays in transition I mainly talk to Coach Oats which he sees me as a big time player."

Do you have any official visits planned?

Kaden Cooper: "I have a visit set up for September 10th at LSU and Kansas is sometime in the beginning of September."

Do you have a timetable on when you want to make your college decision?

Kaden Cooper: "I think I want to try and commit before October. I don't want to wait too long. The month of October is my range."