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2024 5-Star Jason Asemota: Exclusive Interview

By Alex Karamanos, 08/11/22, 2:15PM CDT


Jason Asemota has solidified himself as a a top 20 player in the class of 2024. With his length, skill, and overall feel for the game has helped bring him success on the court. 

Asemota will return to Hillcrest Prep (AZ) for his junior year and after a outstanding grassroots season with Utah Syndicate, he will be ready all opponents next high school season

In this interview, Asemota breaks down his time with Utah Syndicate, returning to Hillcrest Prep, and the status of his recruitment. 

You played with Utah Syndicate this EYBL season, talk about that experience

Jason Asemota: "It was definitely a good experience. It was somewhere to get out and be somewhere where I am comfortable at. Seeing all the good competition made me better. Some memorable moments had to be the game against The Skill Factory when I had 36 points. Another when is when we won three in a row during the last session, those moments were really memorable for me."

During the grassroots season, what was one part of your game that you tried to improve the most?

Jason Asemota: "I was trying to improve my shot selection, my court awareness, and my defense. Those I definitely tried to work on. 

You are going back to Hillcrest Prep (AZ) next season, what are some goals?

Jason Asemota: "Personal goals is just to win and help my team win the best that I can. Everyday taking another step towards the main goal which is winning a championship. Being able to be on a team where things like that are possible is amazing. That is what I am really focused on."

For the people out there that have never watched you play, describe your game

Jason Asemota: "I try to model my game after Paul George and Jayson Tatum. You could say that I can really shoot it, I can put it on the floor. I like to get up and down. I talk a lot on defense and have a lot of energy."


How has the overall recruitment process been going?

Jason Asemota: "It definitely has been going great. As a little kid I always dreamed about being in this position and now that I am it is surreal to me. It's definitely a blessing, everything is going good."

Out of all the schools that are recruiting you, are there some schools that stick out and reach out to you more often?

Jason Asemota: "Yeah definitely, Baylor right now for sure they are one of the schools recruiting me there hardest. Oregon is up there too as well as North Carolina."

Break down each of those three schools and talk about the conversations you have with the coaching staffs

Jason Asemota: Baylor - "Baylor is definitely a great school and it is a winning program. They like my ability where I can shoot the ball and how I am long and athletic. They communicate with me saying that they want me and they really appreciate the game that I have. I really appreciate them for all the calls and all the texts. They let me know that I am high on their priority list."

Jason Asemota: Oregon - "It has always been a dream school for me. Ever since I was a little kid I have always wanted to go to Oregon and now that I am in the position that I could go it is definitely a blessing. They communicate with me and like how I'm long and athletic and I can shoot the ball. They said I can come in and make an immediate impact."

Jason Asemota: North Carolina - "Coach Sean May is definitely on me about my shot making abilities. They love to shoot the ball at North Carolina. They really also like my rebounding and my defensive abilities."

Out of those three schools what is the most intriguing to you about those schools?

Jason Asemota: "UNC just made it to the National Championship last year and Baylor won the National Championship two years ago. Winning is what stands out to me. I want to be in a winning situation."

Any visits planned?

Jason Asemota: "I have one official visit set with Baylor that is on August 26th. I want to try and visit LSU, Oregon, UNC, and Texas."