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2024 4-Star Dink Pate: Exclusive Interview

By Alex Karamanos, 08/11/22, 11:15AM CDT


Dink Pate is one of the more versatile players in the 2024 class. Standing at 6'7 and running the point guard position, Pate is a matchup nightmare for most opponents. 

This spring/summer he ran with Team Trae young (OK) at the 17U age level. Playing a year up made no difference for Pate as he flourished during the live periods in front of college coaches. 

In this interview we break down this past grassroots season, his upcoming junior year at Pinkston (TX), and the status of his recruitment.

Talk about this spring and summer with Team Trae young (OK)

Dink Pate: "It was a great experience, Coach Clay had a lot of faith in me and brought me over there to play the point guard position and he let me rock out. I really thank Coach Clay for that."

Trae young himself was at some of your games this season, what advice did he give you?

Dink Pate: "I would always ask him how many shots he put up a day. He would tell me it does not matter how many shots I miss just keep shooting and that I am one of the best players on the team. He also said to keep my head on straight, he would always have some uplifting words for me. For him to be there and for him to say that it was great and you have no choice but to listen."

What was it like playing along side two highly rated guys in the 2023 class like Ja'Kobe Walter and Kaden Cooper?

Dink Pate: "I feel like I have gotten better with Kaden and Ja'Kobe. I have known and played with Ja'Kobe since I was little. If I would turn the ball over they would just tell me to keep handling the ball and keep making plays."

Your attending Pinkston (TX) for your junior season, what went into that decision?

Dink Pate: "It's just home, I was at the middle school my 8th grade year and me and the high school coach became real cool and my freshman there I was there before I went to Prolific."

What are your goals for your junior season?

Dink Pate: "I want to get the MVP of the district and want to be another All American. Our team goal is to win state and win district we aren't taking anything else, if we don't get there we didn't achieve our goal."


Talk about the recruitment process and how it has been going

Dink Pate: "The recruitment process is good, I just haven't broke anything down yet. I have been looking at every school and every option that I have got. I am really open to every school right now."

Are there some schools that have been reaching out to you lately more than others?

Dink Pate: "Yeah Coach Musselman from Arkansas, TCU, Texas, OSU, Kentucky, Houston, and UCF especially with Coach Norris."

Talk about the conversations that you have been having with those coaches

Dink Pate: UCF - "Coach Norris told me right away that I could come in there and be the point guard. He doesn't want me on the block he wants me to run the one and play the two."

Dink Pate: Kentucky - "I talk with Coach Calipari and he seems like a cool guy. We haven't really chopped it up about if I came there and what my role would be."

Dink Pate: Arkansas - "Coach Musselman, he is real big on conditioning and defense, I will always be in shape, so I think they are really good."

Is there a timetable on when you want to cut your list of schools down?

Dink Pate: "Maybe next summer, like I said I am just soaking it all in. I am blessed to get every offer that I am getting. The recruitment process is good right now so I am just grateful for all the coaches that have been recruiting me."

The pro route is the route some guys are taking now, is that something you have thought about?

Dink Pate: "Yes I have considered it but right now I am just trying to enjoy my last two years of high school and dominate that. Whatever comes next, that is what me and my circle will talk about."