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Day 2 Breakdown of The Battle

By Kevin Daniels, 05/25/22, 10:30AM CDT


Naas Cunningham ‘24 | W | New York Rens - Naas continues to prove he is the #1 prospect in the country. Offensively, he consistently executes on multiple fronts. He can knock down jumpers from the catch on the perimeter, but he creates an additional problem for defenders as a ball-handler. As a three-level scorer, defenders have to predict where he will attack each possession. Naas doesn't have many weaknesses but operating out of the post against smaller defenders may benefit him while developing a go-to post-move.

Pharaoh Compton ‘25 | F | Strive for Greatness - He made his impact known in both games. Defensively, he controlled the paint with his length and quick jump to block/contest shots. It didn’t stop there. The lefty gathered multiple steals leading to breakaway dunks. His feel on offense, primarily in the paint shouldn’t be overlooked. He attacked the rim and was able to create at will. Pharaoh has to continue to extend his range and face-up game. He has the tools to beat defenders off the bounce in small spaces.

Seck Zongo ‘23 | W | Riverside Hawks - Seck looked explosive on both ends. He had some pop in his game and it showed on the defensive end which lead to offense. He was scrappy throughout. Making the game uncomfortable for ball-handlers and causing turnovers. He used his 6’7”-6’8” frame to block and contest shots. Offensively, he moved well off the ball as a slasher putting himself in a position to be a clear threat. Creating for himself will be the next step in his development.

Tai Turnage ‘25 | G | New York Gauchos - Tai found his rhythm after a while and there was no looking back. He was able to get to his spots and connect multiple times from the perimeter. As the primary ball-handler, he can do so many things leading to a win. He was able to draw a number of fouls getting to the foul line after executing crucial and 1’s. He looked fearless driving the ball downhill finding angles and touch to get the shot over defenders. Tai has worked on his weaknesses but consistency will be key.

Taj Bryant ‘24 | G | Black Ops - He’s a steady reliable combo guard. He creates balance because defenses have to respect him at all times. In the half-court, he spots up and releases his jump shot fluidly. He has playmaking potential because of his court vision and natural feel. He controls the pace and rarely allowed himself to be sped up. Off the ball, he’s constantly on the move and executed an excellent blob out-of-bounds play. Consistency will be key as he develops while proving he can be a full-time point guard.

Zack Davidson ‘23 | F | Strive for Greatness - Zack produced on the interior proving a strong inside presence. The straight-line driver was able to get to the rim and finish on a number of occasions. He controlled the offensive boards and converted on a number of putbacks. He showed touch from the outside with a fluid release and rotation. Consistently being aggressive will be the next in his development.

Additional Standouts
‘25 Ahmad Torrence | G |  Lightning
‘23 Brandon McCreesh | G | Riverside Hawks
‘25 Brandon Stores Jr. | W | NY Gauchos
‘25 Brayden Burries | G | Strive for Greatness
‘24 Bryce Simmons | G | Riverside Hawks
‘23 Cam Estevez | G | Riverside Hawks
‘23 Dailyn Swain | F | Strive for Greatness
‘24 Dwayne Pierce | G | NY Rens
‘24 Dylan Harper | G | NY Rens
‘24 Elijah Moore | G | Wiz Kids
‘25 Halon Rawlins | F | NY Gauchos
’24 Ian Jackson | G | Wiz Kids
‘24 Ishmael Ngarta | G|  Lightning
‘24 Jaiden Glover | W | NY Rens
‘23 Khoi Thurman | G  Strive for Greatness
‘23 Nasir Muhammad | G | New Heights
‘23 Osiris Grady | F | Strive for Greatness
‘23 Richard Nweke | F | Riverside Hawks
‘24 Tanner Jones | G | Strive for Greatness
‘23 Tarique Foster | W | Wiz Kids
‘23 Ty-Laur Johnson | G | NY Rens
‘23 Simeon Wilcher | G | NY Rens